8 Ways to Reduce Waste on the Go

If you’re truly interested in being kind to Mother Earth by reducing the amount of waste you generate, try the following 8 suggestions for achieving a greener lifestyle when you’re on the go.

1. Make sure your lunch is waste-free

Packing a waste-free lunch can be easier than you think – as simple as putting all foods into re-usable plastic or glass containers, and using a cloth napkin. Of course, this waste-free experience begins at the grocery store. Use cloth bags to tote your purchases home in, but also bring extras to put fruit, veggies and dried foods in. If you eat meat, avoid packaging by bringing plastic containers for your butcher to place it in.

2. Just say “no”

Say no to disposable cups and straws, and refuse offers of all receipts, coupons and flyers.

3. Reject Business Cards

Instead of taking business cards from people and places you connect with on your daily journey, use your phone to take a picture of them.

4. Construct a “to-go” kit

Make and carry a kit which will help you deal with food purchases throughout the day. It should include re-usable plastic containers to deal with any leftovers from a restaurant, as well as ones suitably sized for dealing with unplanned purchases of soups, sandwiches, and beverages. Don’t forget utensils to eat these with!