4 Tips for dealing with Difficult People

3. Powerlessness

People who are feeling powerless in a given situation will often go on the defensive – lashing out at us for seemingly no reason. This kind of pre-emptive strike can be difficult to deal with, and is best met with reassurance. Let the person know that that you do not have the ability, or desire, to take from them their personal power.

4. The need to win

When people perceive a situation as being competitive, they will natural feel the desire to win. A need to win pits one person against another, and operates on the presumption that someone will lose. Try to deal with someone who has become difficult out of the desire to win by offering a solution whereby both of you can get what you need.
In the end, difficult people are simply those who are acting out of some misguided notion in a given situation. The key to dealing with them is compassion – try to understand why they are feeling this way, and see if you can’t help them to find a healthier way of communicating their feelings.