The 7 Things We Should All Know About Depression

5. Many symptoms are misinterpreted as depression

A number of physical conditions can present themselves with symptoms similar to those experienced in depression – irregular blood sugar levels, and thyroid dysfunction are two such conditions. A thorough investigation should be performed before finding a fix by targeting the brain.

6. Lifestyle changes are crucial

Before reverting to the default of medication – or to supplement its use – there are many lifestyle changes which can greatly impact depression. Learning to elicit the relaxation response, ensuring adequate sleep and physical exercise are great adjuncts. Dietary changes which include less sugar and dairy and healthier fats, probiotics and B vitamins are also most helpful. You might also want to consider eliminating over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, and toxins such as the fluoride found in toothpastes and some tap water.

7. Depression can be transformative

A bout of depression can be viewed as an opportunity to change the way you’ve been living, and to seek out new opportunities. Rather than focusing on eliminating the symptoms, and repressing the causes, it can be seen as a vehicle for change.