The 23 Things That Happy people Always Do

13. Spend time outside. Sunlight makes you feel happier and being in nature has been proven to improve people’s attitudes.

14. How you feel is often a reflection of how you act. If you want to feel more alive and energetic, you need to become more physically active.

15. When you are ready to learn something, you will always be able to find a teacher.

16. never waste your time doing a job that doesn’t need to be done. This is a mistake most people make and it doesn’t get them any closer to their goals.

17. Always stock up on toilet paper. You will never ever regret it.

18. Be nice to yourself.

19. Take the phrase “________ is a good servant but bad master” and fill it in with your various habits. This will help you to balance out vices and keep any one activity from dominating your time.

20. Always plan for a few hours of unstructured free time throughout your day. It’ll help you be more creative.

21. Your daily habits have a bigger impact on your life than the things that you do on rare occasions. Pay attention to habits and try to make your daily routine beneficial to you.

22. If you work to make other people feel good about themselves, you’ll feel good about yourself too.

23. Being in a good mood will make the people around you happier too.