The 23 Things That Happy people Always Do

There are certain rules to happiness. If you can follow these, you’ll be in a better mood and become more self-confident.

Researchers have found 23 different techniques that most happy people use to stay positive and prevent themselves from slipping into a bad mood.

Below are the 23 things that you can do to become a happier person.

1. If you’re starting to get upset, take care of yourself like you’d take care of a toddler. Make sure you’re not too hungry, not too tired and not too hot or cold.

2. Many times you don’t need to do much research before making a decision.

3. While you can’t choose the activities that you’re talented at or like doing, you can choose which activities you spend time on. Focus of the ones that bring you joy.

4. When you try to hide something or lie, try to understand the reasons behind it. Hiding the truth is a signal that what you have done doesn’t align with your personal morals and values.

5. It’s easier to avoid pain than it is to treat pain. This is both literal and a figure of speech.

6. Have at least one empty shelf in your home. Also, keep a junk drawer for all your odds and ends.

7. Pay attention to who you are jealous of and then figure out why you envy that person. You can often use this information to understand what is missing from your own life.

8. Things that seem disastrous today are often funny in the future. Keep this in mind and remember that your worst situations are only temporary.

9. Don’t waste time procrastinating. If you have a job to do, get it done. There’s no reason to look for excuses and prolong the task.

10. Put something brightly colored in every room of your house. Seeing a surprising flash of color is a good way to keep yourself excited.

11. Savor good smells. A nice scent is always great for helping to boost your mood.


12. Fix broken things around your house. Change your burned-out light bulbs and keep your home in good repair.