Six Best Ways To Effectively Use Your Brain

There’s a common belief that the average person only uses about 10 percent of their brain’s complete capacity; which makes you think what would be possible if we were able to utilize the other 90 percent. Granted, it’s not necessarily true since studies have found we definitely use more than 10 percent when you consider how it helps run your organs through the connected nervous system.
The truth is we don’t use our brain’s full potential, but there are ways we can utilize more of our mental capacity through a number of tips and tricks. The following six are considered among the most effective.

No more sugar

For those of us who love to enjoy those taste cakes and candy, we’ll have to give up some of our favorite snakes to work better. It’s been found that too much sugar can actually affect how synapses are fired in your brain and that can affect the ability to process information. You can treat your sweet tooth with healthier alternatives like fruit and yogurt.


You don’t want to take up too much of your mental storage on things you don’t use, so it’s best to write down notes on a phone or computer – for things like to-do lists and project notes – so that you can use your brain for other tasks. You can also feel free to use a calculator for complicated math. This can allow you to also better manage your time better.

Learning more

Your brain can better benefit from learning a variety of topics through a variety of magazines and books; or you could even go to Wikipedia’s random article selector that provides you with something new to learn about – like going from healthcare in the medieval times to who won the first National Football League Championship.