Discovering the Benefits of Being Single

4. You can be your own best friend

In the absence of a need to compromise, you can take this time to get to know yourself, and to treat yourself well. You can follow your own schedule, eat and drink what you like, and follow the pace of life which best suits you – without regard for the needs and wishes of someone else.

5. You will become your own cheerleader

In the silent environment of being alone, you will be able to hear the kinds of messages you typically dole out – what do you tell yourself about yourself and others? With the luxury of being able to focus on these you can start to benefit from weeding out the negativity, and becoming your own cheerleader. How nice to be able to focus on giving yourself a pep talk, rather than having to be concerned with motivating others.

6. You can let go of the past

Once you get over the initial stages of being alone, you will find yourself able to let go of the past. Focusing on what is behind you, rather than what awaits usually means focusing on the negative: the regrets, blame, and grudges which may have accumulated over time. A benefit of being unattached is the freedom to now be forward looking – and to embrace the future with a positive outlook.