Discovering the Benefits of Being Single

In the aftermath of any breakup, it is normal to feel a whole range of conflicting emotions. Sadness, mixes with anger and a good dose of fear. Once the dust settles and you come to accept your new circumstances, now might be the ideal time to consider that being alone is actually an exciting proposition. What follows are some of the advantages of being unattached.

1. Your creative abilities will be magnified

The freedom which comes from being in a quiet place with no one but yourself to be responsible can give way to an undistracted creativity. Use this time to your advantage through whatever creative outlet most moves you: painting, dancing, writing, playing music.

2. Your life will feel like yours alone

Along with the many pleasures which go hand in hand with any committed relationship, there are also a great number of obligations. The absence of responsibilities as they relate to another will free up a lot of time to re-focus on your own life. You can take the time get back in touch with your passions, and perhaps develop a few new ones. Are there books you want to read, friendships you want to re-kindle, or places you want to see?

3. You will become more self-reliant

No matter how independent we think we are, when we are part of a couple we come to rely on another to take care of certain things. Now that you are responsible for the whole of your life, you will get a chance to improve the management of those areas which you previously relinquished to your partner. This could be anything from the banking, cooking, cleaning, to home repairs. Take this time to improve your competence in one of these areas.