8 Ways to Reduce Waste on the Go

5. Carry drink containers

Re-usable water bottles and coffee mugs are indispensable in the quest to eliminate waste.

6. Eliminate paper towels

Eliminate paper towels altogether – they are one of the greatest sources of waste. Get used to cloth napkins, and seek alternatives to clean with. Cloth squares soaked in a water/vinegar solution can easily be kept moist and carried with you in a plastic container with snap lock lid.

7. Re-usable shopping bags

Most of us are getting used to the idea of bringing our own re-usable bags to the grocery store – but they are actually great for all your shopping purchases! Always have one with you.

8. Commend yourself on making a difference

By implementing these easy suggestions, you will not only be helping to reduce your personal waste but will inspire those who notice your efforts to do the same.