7 Steps for Achieving True Happiness

4. Disconnect

Disconnecting from the technology which we are relentlessly tied to will actually help us reconnect to those things and people which make us feel happy. Consider avoiding the internet one day a week, banning it completely while on vacation. Start by turning your phone off during mealtimes, and see how far you can extend this into your day and evening hours.

5. Find a state of flow

Finding a state of flow, being in the zone, or finding your groove – these are all expressions which describe what we know to be times when we are fully engaged and absorbed in what you’re doing. This state brings us happiness, and is achieved when you are using your skills in a challenging way. Find out what takes you to this place, and engage in this type of activity as often as you can. Is it writing, playing music or a particular sport?

6. Meditate

Practicing mindfulness meditation is known to not only reduce stress, but to expand those areas of the brain responsible for compassion and self-awareness. Find a way to learn and practice meditation, and you will actually re-wire your brain for happiness.

7. Be grateful

Finding simple things to be grateful for is a life-altering experience. Some people like to keep a daily gratitude journal, but if this is too much for you aim for once a week and try writing down 3 to 5 things which you are grateful for. This will help you reframe your focus on things which make you happy, rather than the negative aspects of your life.