5 Things That Hamper Your Productivity; 5 Things To Fix Them

Chaos surrounds you

Having a calm work environment is one of the best ways to feel comfortable working and being able to remain relaxed. Working with stress and tension around you can be the biggest distraction from getting the work done. You also need to make sure things are organized so that you aren’t scrambling to find a certain file to help you complete a project.
The solution – Make sure you take about half an hour to organize your desk every day. This is a good chance to remove things you don’t need anymore.


By having doubt in what you can get done, you start to question yourself and believe that you cannot do a great job at your job. There has to be some confidence to succeed in any type of profession; confidence in your work skills.
The solution – Figure out what is causing the self-doubt and then looking if there are any facts supporting the self-doubt in question. Maybe you’ll find that it is unwarranted doubt you carry with you.