5 Essential Tips for Dealing with a Broken Heart

Having your heart broken is one of the most devastating of life events – it is also one which most of can relate to. The mental and physical agony associated with a break-up is particularly acute because the pain has been inflicted upo us by someone who we loved and trusted, often by the person who we believed was the one who we would spend the rest of our lives with. How then, do we get over the loss of “the one”?
Friends and family are often quick to suggest that time heals all pain, or that finding someone new is the answer. However here are five helpful suggestions to try, which will help heal your heart, and grow as a person.

1. Cultivate a relationship with yourself

Do kind and generous things for yourself – the kinds of things you would have done for your partner, and would have appreciated them doing for you. Consider buying yourself flowers, and writing yourself positive and loving notes – itemizing the things you love most about yourself.

2. Talk to yourself like a friend

Instead of giving in to feelings of loneliness and sadness, give yourself the type of advice you would to your best friend if they were feeling badly. Reassure yourself that it is normal feel this way, while reminding yourself that these feelings won’t last forever. Remind yourself that you are a wonderful human being, and of the oneness that connects us all – you are never truly alone.

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3. Laughter is the best medicine

Laugh often, and as hard as possible – it really is the best medicine. Try to see the humour in your current situation, and you will be well on your way to healing.