4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When stress and anxiety gets a hold on you, it can dramatically diminish the quality of your life. In order to combat the effects of stress try to see your life in a more positive light, by considering the following:

1. Develop Compassion Towards Others

The busyness of life can leave you spinning in a vortex of anger and irritation, often aimed at those around you. Lashing out in anger at those around you is not good for you or them. In order to diffuse this feeling, try looking at the target of your anger with compassion, by complete this sentence in your head: “That poor person….” A simple example would be, if someone cuts you off in traffic you could say “That poor person must be having a bad day.”

2. Choose Not to Blame

As human beings we have the natural tendency to want to blame someone when something goes wrong. This is a negative reaction which actually exacerbates stress. Looking for someone to blame is actually looking for someone to be angry at. In reality, what does it matter who, if anyone, is to blame? A more positive reaction is to bypass fault, and look for a solution to the situation at hand.