14 Amazing Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner

As a result of birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentines Day, most of us end up with a drawer full of well-intentioned but unused things which our partners purchased as gifts to honor these special occasions. While it really is the thought that counts, things – unlike experiences – are soon forgotten, and they don’t really help us create a sense of connection with those we love. The following are suggestions for things you can try if you want to give a gift of experience which will help strengthen the bond with your partner.

1. A road trip

Getting in the car and going somewhere together is a wonderful experience which doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Plan a weekend, or even just a day.

2. A camping trip

Never underestimate the benefits of spending some together time in the great outdoors – unplugged from all the usual distractions.

3. A wine tasting adventure

In the absence of local vineyards – or the time required to visit them – consider an in-home wine tasting experience. Lingering over a nice glass of wine accompanied by cheese is a great way to encourage conversation.

4. Sign up for a cooking class

Cooking together at home is often done for the sake of saving time. Taking a cooking class together is a social event which usually allows you to experience some new foods.

5. Take a Trapeze class

Step out of your comfort zone together and take a Trapeze class – more readily available than you might imagine!

6. Rock climbing lessons

A rock climbing class will afford you the opportunity to work together as a team.

7. An acrobatic yoga class

This sexy form of yoga has all the benefits of a regular practice, with the addition of an opportunity to work on trust and communication.