11 Ways To Feel Beautiful… Without Spending A Dime!

7. Go For A Walk In Nature

Fresh air is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your mood.

When you have some free time, go outside for a nice walk. Head to your local park, or a patch of woods, and spend an hour or so walking around and enjoying the surrounding nature.

8. Write Yourself A Love Note

Sit down with a pen and paper. Think of all your best qualities and then write them out in the form of a love note.

This is a nice way to remind yourself of how special and important you are.

Making a note to yourself also gives you a permanent reminder of how important you really are. This means that yo can always remind yourself by reading the note again whenever you’re feeling down.

9. Watch Your Favorite Film

Pick a movie that you love and treat yourself to it.

Re-watching your favorite flicks can help you feel good. It also is a great way to laugh and enjoy something you’re already familiar with.

10. Take A Selfie

The next time you want to do something fun and spontaneous, take a selfie. This is a great way to remind yourself how beautiful you are.

Snapping selfies also allows you to goof off a little and have some fun. Make a silly face, or do something crazy in your pictures. It will make you laugh and brighten up your day.

11. Wear Your Favorite Underwear

Nothing beats wearing your best underwear around. It’s a simple luxury that feels great and makes you more confident.

When you start the day, throw on your nicest underwear. It’s incredibly empowering and will leave you ready to face all the challenges throughout your day.