10 Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To More Productivity

Removing distractors

Because we are living networks with electronics that can distract us easily, we have to make sure we reduce exposure to things like the television, phones and tablets while trying to get important work done.

Pursue quality, not quantity

It’s better to have a smaller group in your network of people who are great to work with than to have a large network where you don’t work well with all of them.

Play music, video faster

Depending on the work we’re trying to do, there might be some video or audio file that needs to be listened to. It’s best to speed up the playtime to reduce the amount of time listening or watching.

Information does no equal knowledge

Be careful what you consume in terms of reading articles online, which goes back to the quality over quantity argument. You could read 100 articles, but what was the substance behind each of them.